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Flynn said that he decided to terminate Manney based on an Internal Affairs investigation, and while he would not say whether the former officer should face criminal charges, he did acknowledge “errors of judgment, but no malice” in Manney’s handling of the confrontation. “There’s got to be a way for us to hold ourselves accountable absent putting cops in jail for making mistakes,” he said”

Let me repeat what the Police Chief Flynn said

"There’s got to be a way for us to hold ourselves accountable absent putting cops in jail for making mistakes"

Making a mistake, that took the life on an innocent unarmed mad. We must hold ourselves accountable because the cops don’t know when to not shoot an unarmed man

Here’s your Milwaukee Police Department

"he was sleeping in a threatening way!"?
'he was snoring too loud!”?
What the fuck?! Aside from the obvious reason that he was black and you apparently can get away with shooting people as long as they are black; what reason did you give for shooting an unarmed, sleeping man?!

Because a starbucks employee feeling threatened by a sleeping man is more important than the man actually being threatening

http://justice4mikebrown.tumblr.com/post/100553552190/hi-i-know-i-already-sent-an-ask-explaining-this ↘


Hi! I know I already sent an ask explaining this but I know there are people who are confused about the situation in Keene and its relation to Ferguson, so I just wanted to pop in here with a more thorough recounting of the events.

A little background info:

Pumpkin Festival is this huge event…

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